Manual Pumps

The manual pumps makes dispensing any product without effort and frustrations.

It is the most economical and reliable manual liquid transferor for drums, bottles, barrels, cylinders, buckets, IBC tanks and containers.

Fabricated with polypropylene (PP) and LDPE approved by the FDA. They can be used with complete safety pumping corrosive acids or bases or the most innocuous of food liquids

The manual pumps have a warrant of 2 years.

This warrant does not cover cases of misuse or use of strong solvents or petrol (PETROLEUM).

Exceptional performance in every pumping, making your job safer and easier, even for high viscosity 8800cps liquids.

As the only fully repairable hand pump in the world, its reliability and performance are assured throughout its life.

Made in USA / NZ

  • Empty all contents of bulk containers and barrels.
  • Dispenses 400 ml per full stroke.
  • Drum Pumps offer exceptional performance at every pump, making your work safer and easier, even when pumping 8.800 cps high viscosity fluids.
  • Its vertical location of the pump on the drum means that there is no flexing or risk of back injury or pain when the liquid is poured.
  • Heavy 200-liter containers can remain in a safe and upright position.
  • It can also be used to pump barrels of 110 liters or 25 gallons.

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