AITECSA participates in the Hygienalia + Pulire fair, a benchmark for the Industrial Hygiene industry, which will take place in the Palacio de Cristal del Recinto Ferial Casa de Campo in Madrid.

We will present the latest news from our dosing chemicals and detergents professional equipment for industrial and commercial laundries.

Do not miss this opportunity, we are waiting for you!


With industrial laundries it is essential to control certain parameters to obtain optimal cleaning results, efficiency and minimum environmental impact. For this purpose we present 2 kits in a convenient analysis case for easy transport and use.

With them we can control alkalinity, chlorine, bleach, hardness, iron and pH quickly and easily.


Test: A00135

Chlorine, iron and pH analysis test.

Method used: Stain test (chlorine and iron), colorimetry (pH)



Test: A00102

Alkalinity, chlorine, bleach, hardness, iron and pH analysis test.
Method used: Drop test (alkalinity and hardness), Stain test (chlorine and iron), Roll paper (pH)


For more information or to request technical data of the product, do not hesitate to contact us.

In this project we had to automate 8 industrial washing machines that use hypochlorite, 3 liquid additives and solid detergent.

Multi-Machine TS4 was chosen for 8 machines whose main characteristics are dosing accuracy, very low maintenance, easy installation and start-up. On the other hand for the solid detergent we use a MixPro II Pre-Dissolution plant of 1,000 liters capacity.

Installation features:

  • Centralized electronic control panel, touch screen and complete reports.
  • Rack 4 dosing pumps anticorrosion completely finished with box electrical connections, gutter, leveling.
  • 1 electric pump EMPIII membrane of 80l/h.
  • 2 electric pump EMPIII membrane of 54l/h.
  • 1 electric pump TS membrane of 50l/h.
  • Central Pre-dissolution MixPro II of 1000 liters.
  • 1 electric pump for predisposition.
  • 2 independent lines with 2-way water distributor.

With this post we are glad to show you a new dosing equipment project for an industrial laundry in Andalucia.

The equipment automates a Girbau Tunnel with a 20.000kg cloth per day production and 3 Wash Extractors.

It has 8 mettering pumps TS-Tunnel EMPIII series managed by the Girbau Tunnel PLC. It generates full reports of the wash programs done by the tunnel due to its TS-Tunnel software. These reports can be downloaded as pdf for their further manipulation afterwards in a PC.

A Multi-machine TS-2 supplies chemicals to the other three wash extractors. (Two of 100Kg and one of 57Kg).

Multi-Machine TS2 (left) and TS-TUNEL (right).

Get in touch with us if you are interested in our TS equipment. We will adapt to your needs in order to offer the best solution to suit you.

The manual pumps makes dispensing any product without effort and frustrations.

It is the most economical and reliable manual liquid transferor for drums, bottles, barrels, cylinders, buckets, IBC tanks and containers.

Fabricated with polypropylene (PP) and LDPE approved by the FDA. They can be used with complete safety pumping corrosive acids or bases or the most innocuous of food liquids

The manual pumps have a warrant of 2 years.

This warrant does not cover cases of misuse or use of strong solvents or petrol (PETROLEUM).

Exceptional performance in every pumping, making your job safer and easier, even for high viscosity 8800cps liquids.

As the only fully repairable hand pump in the world, its reliability and performance are assured throughout its life.

Made in USA / NZ

  • Empty all contents of bulk containers and barrels.
  • Dispenses 400 ml per full stroke.
  • Drum Pumps offer exceptional performance at every pump, making your work safer and easier, even when pumping 8.800 cps high viscosity fluids.
  • Its vertical location of the pump on the drum means that there is no flexing or risk of back injury or pain when the liquid is poured.
  • Heavy 200-liter containers can remain in a safe and upright position.
  • It can also be used to pump barrels of 110 liters or 25 gallons.

The customer for this project required a maximum dosing accuracy and low maintenance for the equipment, so we chose Multi-Machine TS2 for 6 washer extractors whose main characteristics are:

  • Centralized electronic control panel, touch screen and complete reports.
  • Anti-corrosion rack, dosing pumps completely finished with box electrical connections, gutter and leveling.
  • 2 independent suction lines and 1 distribution line per washing machine.
  • 1 membrane electric pump EMPIII 80l / h for hypochlorite.
  • 1 membrane electric pump EMPIII 54l / h  for detergents and additives.
  • 1 2-way water flush.

EMPII Membrane Metering Pumps.

The EMP metering pumps are oscillating volumetric pumps with an special German electromotor. The different order possibilities can be adapted to each installation, both for the quantitative dosage and the proportional dosage.

Positive displacement alternative pumps with a special electric motor that has been extensively tested. The use of various types of control means that the pumps can be adapted to any operating procedure for quantitative and proportional measurement.

Electric motor driven diaphragm pump.

The balance between the regulation capacity, excellent precision and optimum chemical resistance guarantee a wide use.

A variety of specific accessories complete the program for any dosing application.

Drive by single-phase electric motor and speed reducer.

Manual stroke adjustment.

Polypropylene monobloc compact chemical distributor with pneumatic actuator valves and teflon membrane.

The membrane is especially suitable for virtually all types of corrosive liquids, with solid particles in suspension or crystallizing. They do not have pistons or joints in the fluid closing mechanism, so they do not have friction zones that abrasive liquids otherwise would wear out.

They are also suitable, when no leakage of the liquid is allowed through the distributor.

  • It works with air without lubricating.
  • Anti-locking pneumatic circuit.
  • They can run dry.
  • Anti deflagrating “Option without electrical connection in the distributor”

Simple and easy maintenance.

Compact pressure equipment for the automatic and continuous reliable supply of water to networks that lack sufficient or unstable pressure in domestic applications (drinking water in single-family dwellings, sprinkler irrigation, etc.) or for any other type of industrial applications.

The equipment is inserted into the water line we want to stabilize and connecting afterwards to the water distribution pipe. Its installation is accessible to any professional and considerably reduces installation costs. The tank must be installed away from sunlight, protected from high temperatures and frost.

Suitable for “glycoly water” filling systems for solar installations, industrial laundries, textile dyes, and a long etcetera.


-Accumulator tank with a 100, 200 and 350 liters of useful capacity.

-Made from plastic material.

-Fill system controlled by mechanical level regulating valve.
-Stainless steel water pump.
-Automatic pressure regulator.
-Overflow and ventilation system.

Equipment mesures:

100 liters: 800x780x600mm
200 liters: 950x780x600mm

We present the IBC Container Holders with metal frame in Galvanized or Stainless steel AISI304, to support agitator pumps and control accessories.

The IBC Container Agitator Stand offers maximum flexibility for various applications. It is available in galvanized iron and in AISI304 with or without agitator and in ATEX as an option.
Energetic or gentle agitation of the product depending on the speed range chosen.
The total homogenization of the package contents by the development of agitation flows to the corners of the container.
The stirrer elements are completely detachable for cleaning without tools
Easy and trouble-free handling of all IBC containers.


Fixed stainless steel agitator with PVC flange for application on open or closed containers.
Designed for mixing products with a maximum density of 40º Bé and a viscosity of not more than 1,500 cps., at atmospheric pressure.
For tanks up to 1000 liters.