Water Pressure Group

Compact pressure equipment for the automatic and continuous reliable supply of water to networks that lack sufficient or unstable pressure in domestic applications (drinking water in single-family dwellings, sprinkler irrigation, etc.) or for any other type of industrial applications.

The equipment is inserted into the water line we want to stabilize and connecting afterwards to the water distribution pipe. Its installation is accessible to any professional and considerably reduces installation costs. The tank must be installed away from sunlight, protected from high temperatures and frost.

Suitable for “glycoly water” filling systems for solar installations, industrial laundries, textile dyes, and a long etcetera.


-Accumulator tank with a 100, 200 and 350 liters of useful capacity.

-Made from plastic material.

-Fill system controlled by mechanical level regulating valve.
-Stainless steel water pump.
-Automatic pressure regulator.
-Overflow and ventilation system.

Equipment mesures:

100 liters: 800x780x600mm
200 liters: 950x780x600mm

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