Mix-ProII Solids Dissolution Center

This is our Mix-ProII Solids Dissolution Center.

It consists of a tank for the dissolution of soluble solids suitable for industrial detergents equipped with an electronic equipment Mix-ProII, a stainless steel stirrer at 230VAC or 380VAC, a solenoid valve for water inlet, a minimum and maximum level probe, and finally an anti-overflow safety buoy.

The electronic controller keeps in memory the phase or status of the levels and sequence in case of power cut so when the power is restored it will continue in the same phase that was at the time of the power cut.







The equipment also keeps in memory the number of preparations made.

Its operation is divided into two phases: Preparation and emptying phase.

At the start of the preparation phase the equipment opens the water solenoid valve and the tank begins to fill. The agitator will remain blocked until the water reaches the minimum level at which point it begins to agitate in fixed mode to facilitate dissolution of the product. When the water reaches the maximum level the solenoid valve closes. The agitator remains in operation the time configured by the user to facilitate the complete dissolution of the product.

Once the dissolution preparation process is finished, the dissolving product is emptied, the agitator is switched to an asynchronous mode with a configurable period. We can operate the agitator in fixed mode if we wish.

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